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Management styles that don’t work

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

One manager I’ve seen recently uses the all too familiar tell or authoritarian style with her team. She knows it all; what is wrong, who is at fault and exactly what they must do to fix it. She even knows what others think! In a meeting from which one of her people was absent, she [...]

The set up

Monday, July 26th, 2010

I was reminded again this week of the many ways organisations can be incompetent.
I had been asked to help a manager whose staff were argumentative, surly and uncooperative. ‘There’s nothing I can do with them,’ he said. ‘They just don’t want to work!’ On the surface it looked as if this manager had indeed inherited [...]

Managing employee performance is all about managing inputs and outputs. That sounds easier that it is in practice.
It all seems to go wrong from the start – with agreement on outputs.
Jobs are created so that certain outputs will be delivered. If you deliver the output required by your job, you deserve to be rewarded. [...]

I’ve spent the last week talking about KPAs and competency frameworks with three different clients. Two have been with HR people who are trying to get acceptance for their performance appraisal processes. One has been with a line manager who is confused and frazzled by the whole thing.
Some things change. A lot of things stay [...]