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How to protect your integrity by saying no

Friday, August 17th, 2012

If you want to be known as a person of integrity you must keep your promises and meet your commitments.
This means making promises and agreeing to commitments which are realistic for you and with which you are comfortable: and saying no to requests you cannot handle.  When you make realistic commitments people will learn that [...]

The longer you allow others to assume that you are always available to fit in with their plans and demands, the more difficult it becomes to change your behaviour. You find it more difficult to speak up; the other person finds it more difficult to accept that you are no longer going along with their [...]

Are you one of the people who has lent money to a friend, a relative or a business partner, expecting that at some point it would be returned, maybe even with interest. Perhaps you negotiated payback terms and received reassurances that they would be met, but the deadlines went by. You might have felt too [...]

The diverse, democratic societies of today require communication that is more thoughtful, tolerant of difference and open to negotiated solutions. Communications technology has got smarter, but our communication is less effective than ever.
In Business Day, 25 January 2012, Bobby Godsell writes that successful societies in the 21st century need rapid and sustained economic growth, combined [...]