A recent article in the Bloomberg Business Week emphasises – again – that it’s soft skills which determine your long term career success.

Roxanne Hori, the associate dean of corporate partnerships at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management advises students planning their MBA classes to take as many soft skills subjects as they do hard skills such as finance, strategy and operations.

Without doubt, hard skills are fundamental to getting onto the right career ladder. But having strong team skills and knowing how to build and manage relationships are just as important.

They become even more so in more senior positions when everyone even being considered as a candidate has the hard or technical skills under their belts. The competencies that make the difference between one candidate and another are the soft ones.

Hori’s advice to young people starting off in their careers is to pay as much attention to skills in leading and managing teams, negotiating and managing power in organizations, and in building productive relationships.

It’s good advice.

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