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Change your behaviour - change the future

When you know how to change behaviour, you can change almost anything, in your personal life, and at work. There are no quick fixes but this workshop shows you how to make sure your efforts bring results that last.




Change your behaviour - change the future

In a one day workshop


Maureen Collins & Leigh Harrison

invite you to a one day workshop that will change

your future by showing you how to change your behaviour


Our personal histories are full of diet plans that haven’t made us thin and gym memberships that haven’t made us fitter.

The corporate world is strewn with failed change initiatives: each crisis brings a new organisation structure, but people carry on behaving as they’ve always done. 

Extensive social science evidence supports a methodology that brings the factors known to influence behaviour change, together into a cohesive strategy.
It takes you out of a world of quick fixes that don’t work, into one where change becomes inevitable. 

If you’re serious about changing your own behaviour, or that of your business, join us and start applying the process to your own change goals. 

                    • Clarify goals and the key behaviours that provide most leverage
                    • Develop tactics for building personal motivation
                    • Apply skills building principles
                    • Use positive peer pressure and coaches
                    • Identify and neutralise the effect of “bad angels”
                    • Use rewards and incentives to good effect
                    • Manage the physical space to make new behaviours easier

Date: 14 May 2014
Time: 08.00 for 08.30 – 16.30
Venue: Little Tuscany,
48 Queens Road, Bryanston
Cost: R2750 plus VAT per person

To attend this workshop contact:

Maureen - 082 601 2807

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Leigh - 072 380 0621

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